Management and leadership in the style of Sheikh Muhammad

The thoughts and achievements of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Emir of Dubai, are interesting as one of the seven Emirs of the United Arab Emirates. In his book, Bin Rashid deals with the theoretical foundations of management and the responsibility of the leader, and how to develop Dubai and the poor background of this emirate, his own experience and that of his ancestors for how to develop this region. In the following, we review some of the important points of this book.

We gave a chance to make mistakes.
People who are disappointed will not do anything because the greatest asset of a country is the people of that society. To educate people, you have to spend money and allow them to work, and mistakes are part of the work. We should not do something because of people’s mistakes that make them afraid and their initiative power is impaired.

If a person does 6 out of 8 things correctly, he is a successful person. Based on this, I have established an organization called “Youth Organization”, which provides up to 90% of the capital needed for the development of youth economic initiatives, and this organization gives young people the opportunity to innovate, learn and make mistakes.

○ We did not neglect administrative corruption.
We believe that the lack of government corruption is one of the main factors in attracting capital and the activity of foreign companies. Whenever a government is corrupt, international companies are not interested in investing in that country, so we have seriously dealt with corruption and prepared the conditions for sending corruption reports and dealing with corrupt people.

We gave everyone a chance to compete.

□ Instead of people’s money, we used people’s capacity. Contrary to popular belief, the factor of development is neither money nor resources, but the most important capital of a country is the people of that country, and the leader has the duty to use the capacity of his people in an optimal way and develop the country, otherwise his actions will be futile.

We set tax exemptions for foreign investors. These exemptions include: no corporate profit tax, no income tax, no capital tax deduction, no investment profit tax, no currency conversion tax, no trade barriers, import duties At the low level with a ratio of 5% with many exceptions, 100% ownership rights in free areas such as Jebel Ali. These actions have caused 4 thousand companies from 100 governments of the world to invest in Dubai.

Security is the most important feature of the UAE and so far more than 100 governments have invested in Dubai and 4 thousand foreign companies are working in this country.

Our problem was development, not punishment of people. The most important issue for the leader is the development of the country, and the most important part of development is economic development. Accordingly, it is necessary for Dubai to become the economic center of the world in addition to being the economic center of the Middle East. Our experience in Dubai showed that it is possible to build a world-class and attractive city from a harsh natural environment, and this cannot be achieved except by focusing on people’s abilities and avoiding mistakes.

□We turned from selling oil to business. Unlike the past, today oil does not play a key role in our economy. And our production and service companies have the most income, so that Emirates Airlines, which was opened in 1985 with two leased planes, due to successful management, after the events of September 11, when all airlines were facing a decrease in income, this airline made a profit. had a

We won peace, not war. Lack of purpose leads to demotivation. We believe that we should solve all our differences with peace and friendship because there is no real winner in war and the loser of the war starts another war in revenge for the defeat. The Quran and the hadiths of the Prophet invite everyone to peace. Those who are looking for war and conflict have not read the Quran well. Arab has had a very brilliant history in the past, but all this belongs to the past and it is necessary to be the leader of the world today, and the logic governing the world today is development.

○ We followed the successful economic models of the world. I put special emphasis on science and knowledge, technology and management and economic growth because when a person wants to implement a project, he needs money. We should have economic exchanges with the whole world, but it is not necessary to imitate their political models or even the type of democratic government because every nation has its own values.

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