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Self Confirmation Bias

Whether you think today is a beautiful day or whether you think it’s a bad day, in both cases you thought right, because you try to show that your opinion is right with the evidence you find and ignore the contrary evidence.

“Self-confirmation error” or “confirmation error” is a state in which a person tends to look for evidence and information to confirm his belief and opinion without considering the facts, or even interprets information in a way that confirms his own opinion. .

Since we humans think our opinions are reasonable, logical and correct and it is hard for us to admit that we are wrong, we try to consciously or unconsciously ignore the information that challenges our beliefs.

For example, if a person believes that left-handed people are smart, when faced with a left-handed person who does not have a high IQ, he does not change his mentality, but assumes that this is an exception.

The human brain likes to keep its previous assumptions and analyze and evaluate the phenomena based on them.
This error makes us ignore some evidence.
If we want to be honest with ourselves, most of us will ignore information that challenges our worldview, and this is a common feature among humans.

In fact, this is a kind of filter that we use to save our cognitive energy, because it is impossible to analyze and check all available information.

Stephen Hawking says in the book “History of Time”:
People prefer to accept a lie that confirms their previous beliefs, than a reality that robs them of mental security!

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