Categorizing customers and appropriate behavior for each

Stephen Shiffman, a famous sales trainer, writes in the book “Positive Selling”: To be successful in sales, we must divide our customers into these four categories and treat each one in a different way:

1️⃣ Dominant customers
Aggressive, self-opinionated and challenging people who usually do not accept the seller’s words and demand various documents and documents and try to use their strength and personality to scare the seller.

In order to sell to this category of customers, we must convince them of our good intentions and remember that attracting this category of customers requires a lot of effort and patience, and we should not get tired of continuously presenting them with various documents.

2️⃣ influential customers
There are people who pay special attention to friendly and warm relationships and, for example, regularly ask about our family and friends and personal issues.

In order to sell to this category of customers, we should not be upset by their personal questions, but we should answer them politely as much as possible. Before the meeting with such clients, we should check their social pages and when I see them, first talk about the latest content they have posted and then get into the main topic. Remember that this category of customers usually have extensive social relationships, and for this reason, if we can get their satisfaction, we can get help from them to find new customers.

3️⃣ Stable customers
There are people who like to make the best decision. That’s why they talk about the same topic several times. For example, just when we have agreed on the price, they go back to square one and ask about the price.

🔹 To sell to this category of customers, we should not think that they are distracting people and get tired of repeatedly explaining a topic. Rather, we should be aware that repeating the same issue is the method of these people to tire the sellers and take points from them

4️⃣ conscientious customers
There are people who treat the seller very coldly and soullessly, and as a result, the seller does not know what they are thinking and whether they are listening to the seller at all. These customers are very difficult to give information and it is very difficult to establish a personal relationship with them

In order to sell to this category of customers, we should not think that they do not care about us, but they want to measure our patience, so we should not get tired of their cold treatment. The best way to influence these people is to continuously provide various information in the form of numbers

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