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Pareto’s law and its application in life

Many years ago, a management expert named “Pareto” expressed an important law:

“We don’t have time to do everything. We don’t have the money to do everything.
But we have time and money to do the most important things.”

So one of the “most important things” is to determine what are the “most important things” for my life?

We call this work “prioritization”.

If we don’t “prioritize”, we spend our time and money on things that are of second or even third importance.
Then we don’t have enough time or money for our first-class work.

For example, in the field of “credibility”; We have credibility among the people;
But this credit is not “infinite”.

If we spend our credit where it is of low importance, we will get less “credit” where it is of higher importance.

Now we express the “Pareto” law in different areas of life:

Standards of living:
All my tastes cannot be satisfied by others, so it is necessary to express clearly and clearly what are my most important principles in life.
Then others can respect my most important principles and values in dealing with me.

Relationships with humans:
You can’t please all people, but you can please the most important people.
So, I need to clarify my task, who are the most important people in my life and who should I invest the most in.

I can’t enjoy everything.
For some pleasures, I need to give up some other pleasures, so I need to define for myself how to prioritize the pleasures of life for me. In other words, what do I sell for what?

I cannot comment on everything.
It is necessary to specify the most important aspects in which I am concerned to comment and increase my knowledge in those fields.

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