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Be a manager to become a leader

Henry Mintzberg writes in the book “Night Stories for Managers”: One of the false myths about the difference between management and leadership is that the role of leadership is separate and beyond the role of management. In other words, the leader should deal with macro issues and the manager should control executive affairs

But the reality is that strong leaders, before being leaders and only dealing with big issues, are a manager and they also intervene in small matters instead.

For example, it is said that John Clegron, CEO of the Royal Bank of Canada, on his way to his office every day, randomly checks several bank ATMs and personally reports and follows up on any malfunctions.

Is he managing a series of small executive tasks or is he playing the role of a role model and leader of the organization?

The truth is that John Clegron’s move is an example of a great leader because sometimes the best kind of leadership is personal oversight of the small, simple things that have a big impact on our customers’ satisfaction.

□ Real leaders like John Klegron, with their behavior like this, warn the employees and managers of the company that paying attention to the customer is everyone’s duty, and in the meantime, even the CEO should be at the service of the customer, not just sitting in his room and talking about strategies and grand plans. to pay

Leaders who only warm their heads to big tasks are never good leaders. That’s why Stanford University Business School Professor Jim March says: “When you’re a leader, you have to both pipe and write strategy.”

○ So let’s say out loud, “No more remote leadership; How long are we going to have leaders who want to lead anything and comment on anything in an abstract space away from everything and everyone?”

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