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How to feel strong in the workplace?

We use the word power a lot in the workplace. We know very well that in any organization, certain people are more powerful than others, such as senior level executives.
Many of us have a complicated and inaccurate definition of power. We are taught that a powerful person is someone who has a high paying job. We only focus on one type of power when there are two types of power:
◀️ The first is the power that others give you, for example by promoting you to a higher position.
The power that others give you is not real. Your power is within you. Degrees, former job titles, and honors you’ve earned are superficial charms.
This kind of power has been given to you by others, so they can easily take it back from you.
But there is another kind of power: the power you make yourself.
It doesn’t matter where you have worked or studied before. If you are constantly gaining experience and skills, you are powerful.
You carry this kind of power with you everywhere. When you do the right thing, your power increases, especially when no one else believes in doing the right thing.
🔹 If you violate morals in order to be of the same color as the congregation, you have actually weakened your power.
When you step out of your comfort zone and try something that seems scary, you become stronger.
Sometimes by doing a series of things, we lose our strength without realizing it. The four things that cause a decrease in power are:

1️⃣ Taking a defensive mode:
When you’re conflicted professionally or challenged by a colleague, you may be tempted to defend yourself. But most of the time, this is not true.
If someone insults you at work, it is best to remain silent. Everyone looks at the person who attacked you as an unprofessional employee. You should not put yourself on his level.
The ability to remain calm and critical without reacting defensively shows your personality
2️⃣ Slander and aunty’s words!
If you are upset with your boss or colleague, you can ask a friend at work to listen and give you guidance. Instead of badmouthing your manager or co-worker, you should talk to them to solve the problem.
When you engage in aunty talk, you undermine your power. You are indirectly telling yourself, your partner, and the world, “I am afraid to bring up my problems face-to-face. So I will slander instead.
3️⃣ Changing yourself to please the boss (or whoever you fear):
Almost all of us have had this experience. If you have to constantly control yourself to please others, it can be concluded that this job is not for you.
You have two options: either practice speaking your words little by little or look for a new job.
One of the best ways to increase your power is to look for a new job on a part-time basis in addition to your main job.
4️⃣ Being sensitive
The last way to lose power is to let the people around you at work easily anger you.
Some people like to annoy their colleagues because they enjoy it. This is a common “fear-based” behavior in the workplace.
If someone got on your nerves, so to speak, put your teeth on your liver and say to yourself: “It’s okay.” He feels scared right now. His rude words have nothing to do with me. “He is not in a good condition now.”

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