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Don’t let them know your scar!

When I was 10-11 years old, while playing with my family’s children, my foot got stuck on one of them and I fell.

My right leg hit the edge of a brick and got got badly injured.

It took a long time until that wound got better and it bothered me less.
I only had one close friend that day
A friend who was like my family.
A friend I trusted.

At school, only he knew that my right leg was injured… he was the only one who knew my scar.

A few days after this incident, my friend and I had a discussion.
I don’t remember what it was.
I don’t remember who was to blame.

I just remember that the sports bell was ringing and we were playing football.
In the middle of football, when I was shooting, he hit my right leg with the sole of his foot.

It had nothing to do with the ball. He came to hurt me.

My wound is fresh again! Again pain and pain and pain…

A few days later, we became friends again, but I never let him know what hurt me.

It has been years since this happened, but whenever I see someone who is in pain, has a wound, I tell him

Never, never, never let anyone know where your scar is.

Don’t let him know what will destroy you..maybe one day it will hurt you! Keep your pain to yourself.

I say, be careful of those who know your scars… they can make your wounds open again with a word… with a joke… the pain.

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