The harms of ignoring babies crying

When a baby cries with prolonged stress, the baby’s brain transplants are damaged, causing the baby to secrete the hormone cortisol, which kills nerve cells in the baby. Stress refers to any external pressure other than normal life for the baby. For example, a baby who cries because of heartburn and the mother shakes him violently or the father constantly shouts to silence the baby. Or when the mother is depressed and ignores her baby’s crying for a long time, or throws her baby out of anger and fatigue. Stress can also involve intense fights at home.

Baby crying with stress will cause a pattern of stressful behavior in his life.

Baby crying with stress will cause a pattern of stressful behavior in his life. Stress while crying not only negatively affects the stress response system in the baby’s brain, but also has a devastating effect on the vagus nerve, which is one of the most vital nerves and maintains the body’s order of activity. Damage to this nerve in the early years of a baby’s life can lead to psychosomatic illnesses such as digestive tract diseases in the baby.

Baby is completely dependent on the mother to meet his needs. When the baby gets what he wants before he gets stressed, his body and brain system calms down. For example, when a baby or toddler is scared and his parents hug him, he achieves security and peace, and with the experience he gains, he learns how to calm himself in the future. Babies are not able to calm themselves down unless they are frustrated with the presence of Friadres. When infants and children are forced to cry for long periods of time, they learn to be quiet, to stay calm during stress, and to grow less mentally. These children learn not to feel the world and to distrust the world and its people.

A baby who does not experience security does not learn to trust. As Eric Erickson points out, the first year of a child’s life is the most important time to build a sense of trust in the world, those around him and himself. When children achieve their needs without stress, they learn that the world is worth living in, that relationships calm them down, and that the child feels that he or she has the ability to achieve what he or she wants, which is self-confidence. But if the child does not need it, he will lose confidence in the world, he will have negative self-confidence, and he may try all his life. Maybe he will be able to fill the empty part of his being.

It is not normal for a baby to cry. Crying is a sign of clumsiness, fatigue, discomfort, pain, or need.

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