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How to replace pessimism with positivity?

Contrary to expectation, our brain is not designed in a way that creates the feeling of happiness and happiness naturally; Rather, it evolved to maintain survival. Therefore, in order to have a positive view of life, we must train our brains.

□ The brain actually stores chemicals effective in creating a feeling of happiness such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin for times when there is a need for survival and releases only a short stream of them that are quickly metabolized. There are many reasons for negativity in the brain. The bad feeling caused by cortisol is caused by the need to survive. This substance warns us that there is an obstacle in the way of our desires so that we can find new solutions, but then our brain finds many other obstacles. If we try to follow a brain that has evolved only for survival, we will feel uncomfortable and pessimistic most of the time.

●Our brain has evolved to look for problems and is good at finding them. For example, when the bicycle was invented, journalists expressed concerns about the decline of civil society. They warned that people would simply move from place to place instead of having long conversations, and as a result, they would need a break from exhaustion rather than late-night conversations. We have inherited a brain that helped our ancestors to detect threats and react in time. We’re good at finding threats, even when we’re looking for rewards.

○Positive thinking solutions:

  1. Create a positive flow for yourself.
    Negativity will overwhelm you unless you create a positive flow for yourself. To create this flow, you need to look for positive things 3 times a day for 1 minute. Do this for 45 consecutive days. By doing this, you train your brain to look for positive things; Exactly as trained for negative things.

You probably think that there are not enough positive things in the chaotic world around you. But to create them, you must not do amazing things like rescuing orphaned children from burning buildings. Any positive thing, no matter how small, can open the way to find and create positive feelings and states. Just be grateful for the absence of unpleasant things.

  1. Realistic expectations:
    Although when our efforts do not immediately lead to significant achievements, it is natural to feel that our survival is in danger; We can remind ourselves that our survival is not necessarily at stake. Remember that most human achievements are the result of efforts that did not bring immediate rewards. If you are not getting the desired results, you can revise your expectations and take the next step with more realistic expectations.

○You finally see the results of your work, realistic expectations make you work. In other words, when you yourself are satisfied with the results of your work, you can trigger the release of happy chemicals in your brain and not wait for stimuli from the surrounding world.

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