How is the baby’s brain get damage?

Lack of brain stimulation

Babies’ brains need external stimuli to grow properly. A child who is silent for hours and is left alone to relax or spend hours in front of a television or digital screen can be deprived of the necessary brain development due to lack of stimulation.

Stress and anxiety

Stress damages the brain of the baby and the child. The baby may be frightened by hearing screams and screams and frightened faces, or may be frightened and stressed when he or she sees others being harassed. Stress triggers the release of stress hormones or cortisol in the baby, which in the case of continuous discharge,

It will have devastating effects on the brains of infants and children.

Shaking the baby vigorously

Neonatal neck muscles are weak and the baby’s head weighs more than his body. Shaking the baby violently to the brain will severely damage the baby’s brain capillaries. This often happens when the baby starts to cry and the mother or father starts shaking him to calm him down from tiredness or anger to calm him down, which can lead to irreparable damage without an apparent sign being observed in them. For this reason, avoid shaking, throwing, or lifting the baby violently.

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