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Chinese dream – Chinese civilization (About the recent love affair between Saudi Arabia and China)

1️⃣ In all these recent years, a lasting “novel” has not come out of the heart of modern Chinese civilization; An unproduced screenplay and universal film work; A musical work that becomes international has not been produced. A “television network” or a prestigious newspaper that has elite and expert analysts in the field of culture/politics has not been formed.

Of everything related to human excitement and human creativity, no “serious works” have emerged from the modern Chinese civilization. No Chinese analyst has come out at the level of Fareed Zakaria, Yuval Noah Harari, or a writer at the level of Japanese Haruki Murakami. Only one thing has come out of the modern Chinese civilization in these years and that is “goods”.

2️⃣ The former CEO of #Panasonic, Mr. Matsushita (who was one of the leading figures in the economy and industry of Japan) wrote a book and named that book “First Man, Then Goods”. An old man who founded the Panasonic Group from a three-person wiring workshop emphasized the importance of “man and human resources” in a book that was the product of his life’s experience and pointed to the fundamental principles of human nature. In Japanese civilization (despite the strict order of the barracks), respect for human beings and dealing with the “essence of human creativity” was not forgotten. But in Chinese civilization, “authenticity” is a commodity, and this is where we see that from the heart of modern Chinese civilization, no music, no poetry, no novel, no cinema, nor anything and everything that is somehow related to the essence of human creativity. be From the heart of Chinese civilization, only “goods” came out. Goods and goods. Containers and containers. Ships and ships.

3️⃣ Let your imagination fly; Let the “dream” take you to the unseen lands of the human soul. Let “man” not get away from that beautiful human face, which is “dreaming”. Let the barrage of colorful dreams that descended on Jalaluddin Mohammad Rumi’s head and were manifested in the composition of Masnavi, descend on the painter Hayao Miyazaki in the contemporary world, and let his watercolor brush in “Studio Ghibli” manifest those colorful dreams in The cartoon format and animation depicts Totoro! Let the images of human imagination enchant you! “Dream” should not and should never come out of the heart of Chinese civilization. The enemy of the Chinese Communist Party is one thing and that is the “dream”. In the Communist Party of China, all leaders must dye their hair black and wear similar dark suits, and in this “unity” they all have a “single dream” in their black heads. Nurture: “The dream of producing more goods”.
Dream of goods and goods. Dream of a container sitting on a container. The dream of producing steel and cement. A dream without poems and without lyrics and without music and without paintings and without feelings!

4️⃣ Western civilization, in spite of all its shameful aspects and despite all the gray and black parts of its past, but it has been able to portray brilliant scenes of human life in its corners. Although the discussion is not about comparing Western civilization with Chinese civilization (because the word “West” is basically a broad concept and needs to be defined), the discussion here is that “respect for human beings” exists in the West (even if in a minimal/formal form). However, in Chinese civilization and in the dream of the party leaders, “respect for production/goods” precedes respect for human beings!

5️⃣ Once upon a time in the West, humanism and individualism were placed as the axis and shape of a part of Western civilization, but with all the ups and downs, the “concept of God” did not disappear from the life of the Western man, and despite the industrial revolution and despite capitalism, it is still “Whisper and God” is present in the corners of Western human life and Western civilization. But in China, basically, God did not exist and does not exist! The God of the leaders of the Communist Party of China is neither grumpy like the God of the Taliban, nor like the God of the church people, he is a minimal God. Their god is “Kala”. and the interest rate.

6️⃣ Yesterday His Excellency Xi shook Bin Salman’s hands and after serving tea, cakes and Arabic kebabs, they spoke against Iran and emphasized the importance of “Iran’s respect for the principles of good neighborliness”! It is not relevant for the leader of the Kunist Party that young Bin Salman dropped a bomb on a wedding ceremony in Yemen, and then when the rescuers went to the ruins of the wedding ceremony to pull out the bodies, the pilot of the plane returned and dropped another bomb on the unfortunate rescuers. It is not even mentioned to Emperor Xi that this prince and his servants have ordered an oven with the temperature of cooking human bones to cook Khashoggi’s body parts in Turkey; What matters to President “Xi” is that Saudi Arabia has oil, and to “produce a thousand tons of steel per year” oil is needed for fuel and heat.
And Hasan Olek Rafiqa.

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