Maternal hair loss after childbirth

Maternal hair loss after childbirth
During pregnancy, due to increased levels of estrogen, hair in the stage
Their growth stops. For this reason, the hair of a pregnant woman during pregnancy
They look thicker. But after childbirth, estrogen levels in the body drop, and all those hairs that were in the growth stage enter the stage.
They rest and fall. Most of these drops are in the area of ​​confusion sometimes and in front of the head
Occurs and may occur when the hair is combed in groups
Detach the scalp. Or you may have more hair loss when you take a shower
See with your own eyes. Most women lose their hair from the forehead line. so
The front of the hair may look low back. Such a one-step hair loss
It is temporary in the body.
This severe hair loss usually begins three to four months after delivery
It decreases during the sixth month after delivery, but may occur in some mothers
Continue for up to one year after pregnancy. In some cases, hair loss after
Childbirth is wrongly attributed to breastfeeding. While there is a connection between breastfeeding
And there is no hair loss. During the second six months after delivery, usually
Hair thickness depends on the size of the prenatal period, but their shape and texture are possible
It means to change, that is, to become more wavy or smoother, drier or greasy
It is probably related to the hormonal changes that have taken place in the mother’s body
Hair loss after childbirth lasts more than a year, more studies are needed
Include hormonal tests and thyroid tests. This type of shedding
Hair both heals on its own and can be treated.
Doctors recommend:

  1. Young mothers should not worry at all and should not manipulate their hair.
  2. Ask your doctor to make sure you are not iron deficient.
  3. Comb your hair with a soft comb.
  4. Reduce the number of times you shampoo your hair or blow-dry it less
    It may slightly slow down the fall.
  5. If hair loss does not stop within a year, it is better for the mother to see a doctor.

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