How to help my baby’s brain grow

Infant brain stimulation will cause brain cells in the baby.
You stimulate the brain by doing easy movements at home
Be your child and his brain development.

  1. The important thing is not to put your baby in front of the TV. The child who
    Television stares at the time of brain stimulation, and in fact
    It will lose the growth of its brain cells.
  2. When you leave your child alone, hang moving pendants in front of him
    you have.
  3. If he clings to your arms, hug him to your body
    Stick. The warmth of your body is the relaxation that the brain needs to grow and develop
    Will give.
  4. Shaking hands with the baby, playing with the baby, and walking with the baby and showing
    Objects stimulate the baby’s brain.
  1. One way to stimulate a baby’s brain is to attach two balloons filled with helium gas to your baby’s feet and let them move by shaking their feet and following their movements with their eyes. It is best to use red and black colors that the baby can more easily recognize.
  2. Research has shown that the black and white striped pattern stimulates the baby’s brain and causes nerve cells to form in the brains of children under the age of two. If you are going to make your baby’s room wallpaper, it is better to use dark and light striped designs. You can also use sheets, clothes, quilts or other black and white striped items to stimulate your baby’s brain.
  1. Pick up different colored toys and slowly move them back and forth in front of your baby one by one. Keep rehearsing it until you can say it with conviction and confidence.
    Babies’ brains get tired quickly from prolonged stimulation. It is best to rest the child as soon as he or she turns around, although excessive brain stimulation will not harm the child.

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