Stress during pregnancy

Extreme and long-term stress of the mother during pregnancy puts the baby at risk for physical, emotional and behavioral illnesses in the future.
Dr. Susan Andrew in her book entitled Ways to Deal with Stress for Women
Pregnant states that there is a direct relationship between stress and maternal anxiety during pregnancy and low birth weight, premature birth, learning, emotional and behavioral problems of the child.
Research shows that children of anxious mothers are two to three times more likely than other children to have attention and concentration problems, hyperactivity and inattention, and behavioral problems.

The effect of severe and long-term maternal stress on the fetus

  1. The child becomes irritable
  2. Hyperactivity or lack of concentration and attention in childhood
  3. Bad mood of the child
  4. Heart problems, blood pressure, diabetes.
  5. Low weight baby
  6. Child Behavioral Problems
  7. Negative effect on the child’s intelligence

Today, stress is an integral part of life. Therefore, it is better for pregnant women to help relax by using stress management methods:

  1. Exercise: If your doctor allows you to exercise, try daily walks or attend yoga sessions during pregnancy.
  2. Take a deep breath:Deep breathing can be very helpful in delivering oxygen to the organs of the body. To reduce anxiety, it is best to take deep breaths. You can also use this exercise: When inhaling, bring your abdomen out and when exhaling allow it to be free and cramps
    Pour out. Focusing on breathing has a very good effect on our thinking and feelings so that you can deal with difficult situations more openly.
  3. Do less repetitive daily chores and instead relax or read a book.
  4. Go to bed early. Your body is working harder than usual to feed your growing baby. So you need to get enough sleep.
  5. Limit information bombardment. It’s a good idea to read pregnancy books, browse the web, and listen to your friends, but it is best not to go into too much detail about the scary things that can happen during pregnancy. Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life, such as your baby.
  6. Pass by negative words with indifference. Sometimes they say hopeful and encouraging words, and sometimes they unknowingly hurt your feelings. Avoid negative and discouraging words and do not occupy your mind at all.
  7. Rely on your spouse. Having a kind friend can greatly reduce your stress.
  8. Add healthy recreation to your daily routine. Reading books, watching comedy movies, talking and meeting friends can improve your mood.
  9. Write a letter to your child and talk about your hopes and aspirations.

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