What you need to know and do before pregnancy

If you have the conditions for that
Plan before you get pregnant You can start raising your baby before it is born:

The first step is to check the physical and mental health of the parents.

  1. Many mental or physical illnesses are inherited; For example, mental retardation, schizophrenia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder can have inherited causes. Therefore, before pregnancy, consult a specialist if necessary.
  2. Anxiety, depression and stress can directly affect fetal growth. Therefore, it is better for the mother to be sure of her mental health. Maternal stress during pregnancy puts the baby at risk for physical, emotional and behavioral illnesses in the future.
  3. Before pregnancy, it is better for the mother to see her dentist to make sure there is no caries in the teeth so that she does not have to use medicine during pregnancy.
  4. The family doctor measures blood, vitamins, sugar and fat to make sure the mother is physically healthy.

Step 2: Men’s bodies produce fresh sperm every three months. Therefore, a man who wants to try to get his wife pregnant should abstain from smoking or other toxic substances such as alcohol or alcohol for three months. These materials
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The toxin affects sperm health and will have a direct effect on fetal health.

Step 3- Discovering Your Purpose Fathers need to take folic acid too. Folic acid intake by parents six months before pregnancy greatly contributes to the baby’s health and higher intelligence. According to recent research, folic acid helps produce healthier sperm in men.

Step 4: Make sure your spouse is willing to bring your child into this world. Parents need mental and physical preparation, and in this direction, husband and wife should be together.

Step 5- Discovering Your Purpose The family’s financial capacity will meet your child’s needs. The first need is the presence of the mother in the two years of the child’s life. Couples are better off making sure they can turn the economic wheel of life in the first two years without a wife working.

Step 6- Discovering Your Purpose Parents need to make sure they have the patience, time, and energy to have a child. Being a father, and especially a mother, is a full-time job in the first two years, you have to be prepared for the arrival of a small part of your life.

Step 7: It is better to know that the arrival of a child does not mean the end of the parents’ life, but a new beginning. Parents who forget to take care of themselves and each other after having children will directly harm themselves and their child.

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