The first three years of children’s lives, the golden age of upbringing

The first three years of a child’s life are the golden age of upbringing. Children’s brains grow rapidly in the first two years of life, and parents’ knowledge and awareness will greatly help their child’s brain development. Science today offers useful methods for the proper upbringing of children that many families are still unaware of.
The human baby is born like a whiteboard and slowly takes shape in the hands of its parents. The child will have very few memories of the first three years of life, but all his emotions will be etched in his subconscious. Toddlers, because they do not have verbal memory, their memories are recorded in their brain in the form of feelings and emotions and build the foundations of their personality. Unlike in the past, we know today that this golden age plays a very important role in building children’s personality, high self-esteem, and their success and happiness.
It is hoped that the golden keys of this book will help parents to cultivate a happy, healthy, and successful family. This book is a small encyclopedia that deals with the daily problems of young parents and will answer their questions scientifically. In future chapters, we will briefly address the psychological needs of children in simple language. This book contains short and practical tips for getting to know the child and choosing the best way to deal with them, which is provided by world-renowned professors of your choice and service, dear ones. The hope is that this book will help young mothers and fathers to have happier children and experience a happier family.

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