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14 tips for holding an excellent evaluation meeting (part one)

  1. To reduce employee anxiety and create a friendly relationship, establish an atmosphere of participation and cooperation from the beginning.
  2. Appreciate their attendance at the meeting.
  3. Create conditions that make them feel comfortable.
  4. Limit distractions. Close doors, and silence cell phone or computer notifications.
  5. You’ve probably already built a relationship based on trust with your employees through discussions and appraisals, but if not, you can show your employees the respect you have by taking thoughtful steps.
  6. If you listen to them well, you will make them feel heard. So remember to leave checking your cell phone or watch after the conversation is over!
  7. Remind employees of the purpose of the meeting: to determine where each individual is in relation to the goals set, to provide constructive feedback, and to discuss what employees need to do to be successful.
  8. Tell them clearly that their suggestions and criticisms are necessary and valuable and that you hope that a free space for discussion has been created so that everyone can work together to solve the problems that have arisen.
  9. Also suggest that employees take notes from the meeting so they can remember what was discussed later.
  10. Once you have clearly defined the goals and activities of the meeting, ask questions that will help you better understand how employees feel about their own performance. In this way, the meeting is out of your control.
  11. If you find that they are not very willing to talk, ask them questions like: “How do you think things are going? What are the good things and what are the problems in your way? or “Tell me the main points you want me to write about your self-assessment.” Instead of agreeing or disagreeing with what is being said, just listen to them.
  12. Sometimes repeat what you heard in your own words to show that you are listening carefully. For example, say, “If I understand you correctly, you hit all the goals we set according to your weekly sales reports, but you failed to connect with all your key customers. I am right?” In this way, if there is a misunderstanding, the employee can express his meaning more clearly.
  13. Do not jump in the middle of someone’s speech.
  14. Sometimes it also happens that employees ask for a salary increase or job promotion during the evaluation sessions. These topics should not become the main topic of conversation, but if you are asked directly, be prepared to answer.

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